Municipal/Community Beautification

8ft C-196 Bench and DYN-36 Receptacle in Coachella

Site furnishings play an important role in the overall character and visual quality of the city. Our product lines accomplish this while simultaneously tackling the use and abuse that comes from high traffic areas.

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Custom Unislat Memorial Bench at UC Irvine

Parks not only provide a place of rest and reflection, but also fun and exploration. Our product lines must hold up to the natural elements while blending with the environment.

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Higher Education / Schools

8ft CR-10 at  Fullerton College

The campus often produces the first impression to prospective students, partners and donors. As such, site furnishings and other amenities can set the tone for the overall “feel” of a campus.

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Residential Developments


Accessible parks, playgrounds, community centers and greenbelts are as necessary to a residential community as are the homes. Our product lines serve as the welcoming committee!

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Did you know that providing benches in retail centers not only promote the ability for customers to walk further, but also encourage families to shop longer!

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Medical Facilities

Duel Flow SD-42 and RMS-24 Temecula  Rec Center

Site amenities would like to be considered the support staff on the medical campus. Whether it is a bench to rest upon or a planter filled with flowers to brighten one’s day, site amenities should be welcoming and comfortable.

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Corporate Campuses


Innovative companies look to site amenities to energize their workforce.

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Silver RB-28 and SD-42 on the SANDAG Trolly

Providing site furnishings helps ease the impact associated with delays and provides a sense of community in an otherwise hectic environment.

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Public Gathering Areas


No public space is complete without proper site furnishings! Such amenities create attractive, energetic and functional places for folks to gather. It is no wonder that our product lines find their way into virtually every form of public gathering space imaginable- Amusement Parks, Libraries, Cemeteries, and Stadiums, just to name a few.

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