About Us

Public gathering areas should be inviting and comfortable.  They should encourage interaction and promote exploration.  As such, at the heart of Avalon Amenities, Inc. is the desire to join with specifiers and end users to create and enhance the aesthetics and functionality of open space.

To meet this goal–as a manufacturer’s representative–Avalon Amenities, Inc. brings forth a portfolio of the highest quality, most durable products in the industry.

David - Towne CarDavid Skalka – BIO

David Skalka President & Founder of Avalon Amenities, Inc..

David received his degree in Business from the American University in Washington DC and brings over a quarter century’s worth of global experience in the realm of architectural site amenities to the proverbial table.  At the close of 2012 he fulfilled his lifelong calling to start his own business and officially launched Avalon Amenities, Inc.  This venture marries his experience and skills in business development and marketing with his passion to build long lasting and beneficial relationships that ultimately lead to the creation of breathtaking public gathering spaces. Having dedicated his professional career to working, learning and cultivating relationships with a broad spectrum of public and private entities, it is David’s intention to become a resource for specifiers and end-users in southern California.

On a personal level, the true inspiration for David’s work is his rescue Lab named Lola.  This girl demands two to three walks each day, which beyond doubt lends to David’s appreciation of public space!

LOLAWhy “Avalon”?

As a child, the legend of King Arthur captured David’s imagination.  The Isle of Avalon–the final resting place of King Arthur–is oft portrayed as a place of healing.  It is this idea of a therapeutic open space, one of mystery and exploration that deemed Avalon the perfect moniker for David’s company.

All of the above, plus Roxy Music did release one heck of an album way, way back in 1982.